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Fairy Tea Party

Where can you find a fairy? Fluttering through the treetops? Crouching beneath a toadstool? Peeking out from a patch of daisies? In author/illustrator Phoebe Wahl's Backyard Fairies, a young girl explores the woods in search of these elusive creatures. Visit the Story Trail anytime in September to read the story, and join us there for a Fairy Tea Party on September 13 at 5:00!

At the trail entrance, we let kids choose fairy wings or a gnome hat to wear to the tea party.

They put them on and worked their way down the trail. We have 24 posts total on our Story Trail.

About halfway down the trail, they met the Fairy Queen. She blew bubbles, chatted with the kids, and took pictures.

At the end of the trail we had lemonade and Golden Oreos, and kids sat down at the picnic tables to make a Mushroom Fairy/Gnome House. We purchased the template from Kids Craft Room, and printed on cardstock.

We pre-assembled the houses with hot glue guns, then took crayons and Glue Dots to the trail for kids to color and add doors and windows. Several of the kids got creative and added grass, flowers, and other natural elements they found outside to their houses. They turned out so cute!

See pictures from the event here:


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