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Free Book Fair

Celebrate your freedom to read by attending the Free Book Fair at the Pike County Public Library (Lee Avenue) during Banned Books Week! Choose up to 5 books to take home from a selection of brand new books. Books are available for all ages, from Birth-Adult, and include board books, story books, juvenile titles, Young Adult novels, fiction and nonfiction titles.

All in all we had a little over 2,000 brand new books to give away. All were donations, some we'd been saving for a while and some we got after we announced we were having a Free Book Fair.

We did require that patrons had to attend in person to claim books.

The Pike County Public Library District had donated books to neighboring libraries affected by recent flooding as well, and wanted to also take the opportunity to provide free books to individual community members that may or may not have been affected by the recent flooding.

We had more graphic novels than anything else, though people wanted more kids books (naturally). We did have plenty of those, too, though!

We ended up leaving the tables up a third day, though we definitely had the most traffic the first day. People were waiting on us to unlock the doors that morning. We had just under 300 people come.

Towards the end we set up a table of Used or Damaged books from donations we couldn't use, and nearly all of those went as well.

We also had a table of freebies other than books. These were leftovers from other events, promotional stuff, and page holders we 3D printed ourselves.

All in all, it was a very successful event, though I don't think we could pull it off annually. We did have some leftover books, which we donated to a local Community Kitchen.


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