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Hammy Visits the Story Trail

For this Story Trail program, we partnered with our police department. Their mascot is a pig called Hammy, who has a story that goes along with him called "Hammy Visits the Police Station" by Elizabeth Thompson and Christopher Epling.

The story was posted throughout the month of May, in honor of Law Enforcement Appreciation Month.

Hammy and his mother Petunia plan a day to visit Officer Scott at the Pikeville Police Station. Officer Scott and Hammy take a tour of the Pikeville Police Department and Hammy learns about all the duties and responsibilities police officers have in their jobs and in their community.

"Hammy Visits The Police Station" is dedicated to Pikeville Police Department Officer Scotty Hamilton who lost his life in the line of duty on March 13, 2018.

We had someone in the Hammy costume at the trail, and kids could make a Hammy puppet at the end of the trail. Balloons and a police cruiser were at the trail entrance.


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