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Hocus Pocus Interactive Movie Kits

Remembering the success of last Christmas's Interactive Movie Kits, I put together this Hocus Pocus take home kit with help from this List of Interactive Movie Experience Scripts.

I had to tweak the script a little to fit our needs and time/budget constraints, and what I ended up with was witch party hats from Oriental Trading, glow sticks, party blowers (from Amazon), and paper balls. All tucked into a brown paper bag.

I tried to figure out a bag to hold the witch hats until finally just letting them rest on top of the bag, which turned out pretty cute. Anyway, here's the modified script I used:

Hocus Pocus take home
Download PDF • 506KB

When I posted them on our social media, I included where all you could rent/stream the movie (besides checking out the library's copy) and when it was scheduled to play on cable. They were definitely a hit!


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