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Interactive Movie Kits: Christmas Favorites

Make watching Elf, Home Alone, or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer more fun for the family with simple props and actions to go along with certain moments of the film!

Patrons were responsible for getting the movie: check it out from the library, stream it, or watch on TV. The props and interactive movie details could be picked up from the library drive thru. Each Interactive Movie Kit contained enough items for 4 movie viewers. Patrons were encouraged to choose 1 movie kit per family.

The idea for this program was from the fabulous FB group Programming Librarian Interest Group. A member of that group has compiled a long list of Interactive Movie Scripts and graciously made it available to anyone via Google Docs:

That's where I got the Interactive Movie Details included in each kit.

The Elf Interactive Movie Kit was the cheapest. I printed the Code of Elves in house, used old paper for the paper balls, we already had the cotton balls, and I bought tinsel at the Dollar Tree. I cut long strands in half to get more mileage out of it.

We have a huge roll of bubble wrap in a closet that I cut little squares off for use in the Home Alone Interactive Movie Kit. I had to purchase chocolate coins and feathers, and printed the wordsearches.

In my opinion, this was the funnest interactive movie. However, it was the least picked up of the three options.

Rudolph was the most popular. This one lacked a prop (the others each had 4) but no one seemed to notice.

The shiny coins were some plastic coins leftover from old pirate-themed programs. Chocolate coins would have worked as well in these. The black dot stickers were Avery Color Coding Labels.

This was my first experience doing any kind of Interactive Movie activity, and I wasn't sure how it would go over. But we ended up giving out 67 kits. We may do it again with another theme--I wish we hadn't missed Halloween!


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