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Monster Crayfish in Kentucky

I tapped the Kentucky Academy of Science Speakers Bureau for a virtual presentation on Monster Crayfish. Although it was a real struggle for me to use 'crayfish' instead of 'crawdad.' Definitely a first for me.

But Dr. Luc Dunoyer was nice enough to oblige us with a virtual presentation done through OBS as a Facebook Live stream. Here is his summary in his own words:

Turns out, some crazy big crawdads, or crayfish (we're talking kitchen table size here) exist in this world of ours and we didn't know it! Maybe nobody lived to tell the tale that's all!! Halloween being this time of year to remember the dead, so let's talk about those who tried to approach those giant crayfish! More seriously, beyond some extreme species, turns out crayfish, in general, are essential for our environments. Come and join us for an introductory presentation on crayfish impacts on their environment. You'll learn why should everyone from citizens to fisherman to policymakers care about crayfish ... or simply what to do when giant crayfish will inevitably take over the world this Halloween.


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