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New Year's Eve Kits

Patrons could pick up a New Year's Eve Activity Kit from the library to ring in the New Year! Kits included a Star Bubble Wand Craft, Family Talking Prompts, Party Hat to Color, Countdown Clock Craft, Auld Lang Syne Sing-Along, DIY Confetti Shooter, and a Noisemaker.

Kits were bagged up in gallon Ziploc bags and distributed through the drive thru. We planned to advertised them Dec 30-31, but we ran out on the first day.

The Star Bubble Wand Craft was from Red Ted Art. We included instructions, a silver or gold pipe cleaner, jar of bubbles, and 10 metallic silver/gold/copper pony beads.

The Countdown Clock Craft was also from Red Ted Art. Kits had the instructions with a QR code to the video tutorial, and a print out of the clocks.

Party Hat to Color was from Happiness is Homemade. We printed them on regular copy paper and went ahead and cut them out so they would fit nicely in the bags. I wrote up a quick instruction on how to roll them into a cone and tape together.

Auld Lang Syne Sing-Along was a free printable from Pure Star Kids. I also included a QR code to their corresponding video of the song.

I made the Family Talking Prompts on Canva, after looking at a few variations online.

For the DIY Confetti Shooter, kits contained a craft tube, a gold balloon, some star confetti and metallic pom poms, and some silver and gold star stickers.

I packaged the confetti and pom poms up separately in 2-inch jewelry baggies so they wouldn't get all over the place. It was...a process.

The noisemakers were horns purchased from Hobby Lobby.


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