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Peter Rabbit Egg Hunt

Come to the Pike County Public Library (Lee Avenue) on Thursday, April 14 at 5:30 for a reading of Beatrix Potter's "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" and a visit from Peter himself! After the story there will be an outdoor egg hunt on the field behind the library.

First we had Peter sit in a chair while one of our children's librarians read the story. Kids sat on the floor, and we made sure everyone had a bag or basket to collect eggs in.

Afterwards we formed a line so everyone that wanted to could take a picture with Peter. Once they finished with the picture, they were told to line up at the back doors to go outside for the egg hunt. The costume we purchased a few years ago from Ali Express. We had trouble getting the ears to stand up! The large cardboard egg cutouts were from Oriental Trading/Fun Express.

We had well over 1,000 plastic eggs that we had placed in the field, all of which were donated. We had accumulated some pre-pandemic that we weren't able to use until now, so this was the most eggs we've had. Which was a good thing because we had a huge turnout.



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