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Preserving Personal History

Years after you're gone, a grandchild might have a scrapbook or a box of photos with names written on the back of a few, but will any of those tell your story? Will anyone know your thoughts, the lessons you've learned, what was important to you or what you were proud of? Presenter Bob Thompson has had a long career writing and telling personal stories for his long-running (20 year) NPR radio show, Kentucky Homefront, in his books, Hitchhiker: Stories from the Kentucky Homefront and Stitched Together: Stories of a Kentucky Life, and on stage as a professional storyteller. Using examples from hundreds of his personal narratives Thompson will entertain as he details how anyone can use their memories, diaries, photos and family artifacts to preserve personal experiences for future generations.

This virtual presentation was booked through the Kentucky Humanities Council Speakers Bureau and done through Zoom/live streamed to the library's Facebook page.


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