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Rawr and Read: Dinosaurs at the Library

Meet Beaux the T. Rex and Seraphina the Triceratops, two life-size, interactive dinosaurs at Rawr and Read: Dinosaurs at the Library! This 60-minute program features four more baby dinosaurs (dilophosaurus, stegosaurus, diplodocus, and pteranodon), and is full of facts about each dinosaur presented, audience participation (play games with the dinosaurs!), and exploring dinosaur books and songs!

This fabulous program was done by Feller Express, and we had a huge turnout! See pictures below.

Our biggest program this month was the Rawr and Read: Dinosaurs at the Library. We had about 240 people in attendance. The kids sang, fed the dinosaurs, played games, and learned all kinds of dinosaur facts. One of the dinosaurs was so big we couldn’t get her past the security gates, so we had to stick her in the round entryway. It made for good pictures!


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