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Shadow Puppet Kits

We made these Shadow Puppet Kits in house. Kids could pick up a Shadow Puppet Kit to try their hand at Shadow Puppets before the virtual Shadow Puppet Show. Kits include everything needed to make a shadow puppet stage, practice with Little Red Riding Hood puppets, and materials to make your own puppets. All you need is a flashlight!

Shadow Puppet Kits Included:

-Shadow Puppet Theatre Assembly Instructions

-Make Your Own Shadow Puppet Instructions

-4 prepared Little Red Riding Hood puppets

-Hand Shadow Puppet print out & Instructions

-2 pages black cardstock

-5 wooden dowels

-1 sheet of tissue paper

Kits were packaged in a disposable cake box with a clear window (we bought these).

The cake boxes also served as the "shadow puppet theatre" and we included a piece of gift tissue to cover the window.

All you needed was a flashlight (or phone, in my case) propped in the corner to cast the shadow.

We included instructions on how to do that in the kits.

The Little Red Riding Hood Shadow Puppets we included were cut on black cardstock on a Cricut and hot glued to a wooden dowel. We downloaded the images for free through Homeschool Giveaways & Freebies years ago, but they are currently for sale for $3 at Adventure in a Box. We included a printout of the Little Red Riding Hoof story, which we downloaded for free from DLTK Teach. We also included 2 pieces of black cardstock and 5 wooden dowels in the kits so that kids could make their own shadow puppets.

We also included a few images of how to make hand shadow puppets. There are lots of images and videos of how to do easy hand shadow puppets online--we found some at Homeschool Creations.

We had patrons provide their own flashlight, which made these a cheap (and successful!) kit. The only purchases were the cake boxes, tissue paper, cardstock, and dowels.


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