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Social Distanced Portraits with Santa

Since Santa Train was canceled this year, and our libraries aren't doing in-person programming that would allow for our usual Santa portraits, we came up with this outdoor, social distanced Portraits with Santa event at our main branch.

We purchased the sleigh from Christmas Night, Inc. The reindeer we already had (were a past donation from Lowe's).

Pictures took place in the field behind the library. Santa sat in a sleigh and children were positioned at the end of the sleigh, either standing or sitting. He kept his mask on the whole time, and handed out candy canes.

We hired a local photographer that was masked and remained at least 6 feet from the children and portrait area. We also had a hand sanitizing station just in case, and the seat children sat on was sanitized between children. Families waiting for a turn to have their picture taken remained in their vehicle, and the line formed in-vehicle through the library’s drive thru lane and parking lot. Families exited their vehicle for the portrait, then returned to their vehicle before the next family could get out for their turn. Photos were uploaded to Google Drive and the link was posted to the library website and Facebook page.

We were set up for 2 hours and had 282 people/75 cars.


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