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Superstition Celebration

Enjoy Friday the 13th with a Superstition Celebration for kids! Make a "broken mirror" craft, a good luck charm, and a walking black cat. Try your hand at Superstition Trivia, play horseshoes, and a lucky dice game while you learn the origins of common superstitions.

For this program, I highlighted a few common superstitions with an activity and brief history of the superstition. I compiled the superstition origins from articles on Insider, The Spruce Pets, Wonderopolis, Southern Conservation Trust, How Stuff Works, and the Kentucky Derby Museum.

I threw around some mosaic craft ideas with actual broken mirrors before finally settling on this much safer (and cheaper) paper version:

I purchased a pack of Mirror Board from S&S Worldwide, and cut handheld mirror shapes out of black construction paper with a Cricut. I found the mirror template free on PrintableTreats.

We already had gluesticks and scissors on hand. So it was a cheap and easy craft.

Next up we had Good Luck Charms for the kids to make. These were actually leftover adhesive felt cutouts from a St. Patrick's Day craft (also done on the Cricut).

We just put out the rhinestones, sequins, and markers we had on hand for decorating.

Ideally, we would have had 4-leaf clovers instead of the shamrocks, but we already had the shamrocks! So I threw in that the number three makes them lucky on the origin display.

The black cat craft was one I did back for the Poe Party a couple of year ago.

The cat template can be found free from Krokotak.

Another table was a Superstitions Trivia, which was a free download from Chica and Jo (lots of great ideas there!).

I printed them two-sided, one side blank to fill in and the other side with the answers in red.

We played horseshoes for one of our games. On the reverse of the stand I had the instructions on how to play, in case any kids were unfamiliar. I found this indoor appropriate and kid-friendly horseshoe set from S&S Worldwide. They have them in plastic, foam, or rubber.

It was hard to condense all the info about the luck of horseshoes on one page.

Another game we had was to 13 Tries to Change Your Luck, which is essentially two dice and a bell. Just try to roll a 7.

Then some brief info on why 7 is considered lucky and why 13 is unlucky.

This is another one where there are lots more examples that could've been included, but I had to condense it down to fit a single page.

The sign holders on each table had one side with instructions and the other with the Superstition Origin page.



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