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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Puppet Show

In this silly and non-scary version of Washington Irving’s classic piece of literature, children of all ages will follow the lanky school master, Ichabod Crane, as he sings, dances, and falls in love with a giggly Katrina Van Tassel.

Watch as Katrina’s father, Baltus, and the village goof ball, Brom Bones, try to run Ichabod out of town by telling him the tale of The Headless Horseman. Stevens Puppets brings this ever-popular classic tale delightfully to life with beautiful wooden marionettes, underscored with classical music.

During our 2021 Summer Reading Program, we booked a Goldilocks puppet show with Stevens Puppets that they had to cancel due to Covid exposure. This was our make-up show. We did this last year virtually, but were thrilled to get to do it in person this time!

The performer, Dan, did an excellent job, both in entertaining the kids before the show started, during the performance, and then afterwards answering questions and letting everyone come get a closer look at the puppets.

I also hired Stevens Puppets at a previous library I worked for to do their Wizard of Oz puppet show, which was also fabulous.


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