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Valentine's Day Hot Cocoa Bomb Kits

These were definitely one of the most popular take-home activities we've done. We made 90 and they were gone within an hour.

Inside a quart size Ziploc bag was:

- A silicone mold (we bought these, and cut them into a strips, so each kit had two sphere halves)

- Chocolate Melting Wafer (we bought Merckens Milk Chocolate Coating Wafers, and put them into 3x4 baggies which I found in the jewelery section of Hobby Lobby)

- Hot Cocoa Mix (a single packet of Swiss Miss which we bought in bulk)

- Dehydrated Marshmallows (we bought Sarah's Candy Factory Dehydrated Mini Marshmallow Bits and put them in 3x2 baggies)

- Valentine Sprinkles (we bought 3 of these from The Gourmet Baking Company)

- Instructions

I wrote the directions from experimenting at home and others I read online. I also had a QR code to Julie Blanner's DIY Hot Chocolate Bombs video. The baggies had enough ingredients to make more than one hot cocoa bomb (if you're being careful), so if the first one was a failure they could try it again.


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