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Where the Birds Are: Exploring Kentucky's Varied Habitats

Sure you know the robin, hummingbird, and owl. But did you know that Kentucky's bird life includes more than 300 other species? Who are they? Where are they? And why do they choose our state to nest and raise young during summer, visit during their long migration journeys, or spend a few winter months with us? If you're a bird, what's so great about Kentucky's habitats?

Field naturalist and author (Binge Birding: Twenty Days with Binoculars) Nancy Grant provides fascinating insights into the lives of Kentucky's birds. While sharing her experiences about searching for birds in all seasons, she provides practical tips for more fun outdoors in this program suitable for explorers of all levels of experience. Come along for an adventure!

This virtual program was booked through the Kentucky Humanities Speakers Bureau. It was done through Zoom and live streamed to the library's Facebook page on April 6 at 6:00.


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